Oncology and infusion services

The Newcastle Private Hospital Infusion Services Department offers a calm and relaxing environment for patients to undertake their intravenous infusions. And our team of oncology and haematology nurses provide patients with exceptional care and attention.

Our dedicated facility with nine chairs and ten beds offers a range of intravenous infusions such as chemotherapy, immunotherapy, blood transfusion, iron infusions, immunoglobulins and other treatments.

Our medical oncologists and haematologists have consulting rooms onsite. There is an onsite pharmacy to help monitor your treatment and answer any questions you may have.

The Infusion Services Department on the ground floor and is open Monday to Friday. 


  • Chemotherapy and immunotherapies treatments
  • Blood and blood product transfusions
  • Port-a-cath and PICC line management and education
  • Targeted therapies
  • Immunoglobulin infusions

Following your consultation with the oncologist

We will contact you to arrange a time that suits for your education and first treatment. If we haven’t contacted you within 48 hours of receiving your referral, please call us on 02 4941 8424.

Education session

One of our nurses will dedicate time for a face-to-face, or telephone education session to discuss the proposed treatment plan. This session will provide you with the treatment duration, possible side effects and management of symptoms, and contact details for advice if required. An education pack with relevant information leaflets will be provided.

Before you arrive

  • Due to COVID-19 please contact us beforehand to see if you can bring someone with you
  • We recommend that you don’t bring young children with you if you are their carer
  • Drink water and have breakfast prior to arrival
  • Your normal medications are permitted. Medications as part of your treatment will be discussed with you at the education session.

Treatment plans

  • After your specialist consultation, and with your consent, we’ll create a tailored treatment plan for you

During treatment

  • Our helpful staff are here to make your stay as comfortable as possible
  • Light refreshments available
  • Most patients are usually well enough to drive home

Side effects

  • The nursing team, in collaboration with your specialist, are available to discuss any side effects you may have.
  • There are options to help control any side effects of your treatment and you will be given a phone number for advice between treatment days.

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